Byblos is a ready-to-wear brand that embraces both the past and the future in a young and contemporary spirit. It is created in 1973 and brought to life initially by the creative genius of Gianni Versace, succeeded by Guy Paulin, and then by the English designers Keith Varty and Alan Cleaver.

In 2002 the Byblos brand is taken over by Swinger International which literally inundates it with its vast experience of Italian tailoring, fabric research and wealth of detail.

In 2006 Manuel Facchini takes over the line's artistic direction: the fashion designer's talent is unceasingly inspired by art, design and architecture, in a creative process that constantly aims towards innovation.

The Byblos man and woman are modern, dynamic, charismatic and independent, alert to fashion but never slaves to tendencies. The menswear and womenswear collections are characterized by clean silhouettes, casual yet meticulous wearability, original proportions, tailored finishes, quality fabrics, researched colors, fabric mixes, innovative workmanship, sophisticated prints, and careful attention to details and accessories.

Laura Biagiotti

Laura Biagiotti was studying at the university of Rome, dreaming of eventually working in archeology, when she started helping out her mother in her dressmaking business. The company produced high- fashion clothes for the time best  Designers. In 1965 she made a deal with an experienced designer, Angelo Tarlazzi, to produce ready-to-wear clothes for women under her own name.

The first line, shown in 1972, was very successful. She used a very special yarn to create her revolutionary new garments - cashmere. It's true to say that cashmere, along with her devotion to elegant simplicity, was the key to her success.

Taking the meaning of “ready-to-wear” literally, Laura Biagiotti was determined to produce flattering, comfortable clothes for women. She soon gained legions of devoted followers thanks to her soft tailoring and loose-fitting dresses distinguished by their tiny pleats, top-stitching, and ajoureè work. Every Biagiotti collection includes a series of comfortable "baby doll" dresses, and pants often have elasticated waists.

Biagiotti is known for trying on designs herself, and insisting that her collaborators also try them on, standing, sitting, and walking, until she is sure that each and every model is practical and comfortable. These principles apply to every collection she creates.

 For children she launched Laura Biagiotti Junior (now Laura Biagiotti Dolls, in collaboration with Trudi): and it's clear that her philosophy is to get as close to kids as possible, creating a child- friendly world.

Biagiotti also turn edher attention to accessories and now there are Laura Biagiotti sunglasses, bags, shoes, underwear, home accessories and perfumes, Roma being the most well-known.  


ARTIGLI (the word means claws in Italian) starts from zero in 2002, when the Brothers Miguel and Alfonso Carillo created the first collection. Armed with a long tradition of success in the fashion world, Miguel and Alfonso did not commit any mistake at the start of their career to success.

So Artigli enters the market in many outlets both in fashion accessories for women and housewares. Its success was immediate, thanks to its highly innovative style. Skillfully using the distribution with the franchise system in four years Artigli obtained outstanding results and began an expansion which knows no boundaries. Artigli currently has more than 200 outlets in Italy and abroad. Operations are ongoing to continue growing in the main Italian cities and the world.

Artigli brand has fans around the world and is to find almost anywhere. If you go to Europe or the United States, the Middle East or China.


Elsy, a proper noun, very feminine.
A prestigious fashion brand that has always been dedicated to the girl universe.
A passionate promise of Italian fashion in the world, reinterpreting a sartorial knowledge and traditions of excellence, while remaining true to its roots. With personal attitude and a touch of spontaneity that's always new, ELSY extends its magic and its success in a modern way. It evokes value and exclusivity, offering authentic creations. Beautiful and rich in function, with a measured elegance.

ELSY creates research collections, perfect for the lifestyle of today baby girls.

Since 1958, when the Brussino family founded the company in Calamandrana (Asti), between the Langhe and Monferrato.

ELSY Baby and ELSY Girl are the two inspired lines of clothing (6 months-6 years and 7-14 years) that express a high technical and style content, quality of high level at an affordable price.


Liu.Jo is a leading manufacturer of fashion clothing "Made in Italy".

The brand was launched in 1995 in Modena by brothers Mark and Vannis Marchi who still are the principal owners today.

Liu Jo opens its first flagship store in Forte dei Marmi, in 1998.

It’s manufactured with materials of the highest quality and thus Liu Jo has quickly managed to become one of the largest luxury brand of prêt-à-porter fashion. 

Only a few months after the appearance in the textile industry, the brand Liu.Jo has been added a number of accessories and Liu Jeans, symbols of the dynamic and modern femininity, but still yet very classy. In 2006, the brand has been extended with the line for men and children.

Today it is one of the most successful fashion brands in Italy and has a leading position in the European fashion industry. LiuJo is very present in France, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Spain, the UK and Hong Kong, and other countries. 

Liu Jo shuffles the Italian color trends with the Parisian style. The brand is for women around the world a complete success, because their models are very easy to wear but still are very fashionable. Refined Liu Jo designs offer an elegant and cosmopolitan look.


Probably world’s best footwear for children.

GALLUCCI has passed from generation to generation the tradition of quality footwear. Each shoe is subjected to strict quality control and structural check before going on sale.

GALLUCCI was specializing in orthopedic shoes and then converted into a global icon for children's shoes. In fact, it is the only brand in the world using the unique method of manufacture "Goodyear" for shoes for children. The main features of the Goodyear method are its durability and distinctive design. In theory this allows to replace the soles easily, without damaging the rest of the shoe, just changing the seam. As a result, the shoe can last for years or even decades. This method is used by only the most reliable and can be worked only by hand by master craftsmen.

The foot rests on a thick leather insole with a core of natural cork. Natural cork gradually takes the shape of the foot, perfectly adapting to their anatomy. The sole is made of leather and cut byNOM LLINATGE SIMULATTARGETACIUTADANA hand only, like the rest of the shoe.


Biscotti is an international children’s brand inspired by fond memories of the carefree and innocent days of childhood.  With headquarters in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, our whimsical and romantic apparel collections have captured the hearts of customers since 1986.  

The designs in our Biscotti and Kate Mack collections possess a nostalgic and modern appeal destined to please both the youngest customer and the fashion conscious young teen.  Whether the occasion calls for  a formal or more casual look, the combination of beautiful fabrics with eye-catching details fills the need for what girls (and Moms) want an outfit to be: hip, but also simple, pretty and modest.

Many Biscotti and Kate Mack styles have been featured in leading publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue Bambini, The Wall Street Journal, Child Magazine, Us Weekly, and Teen Vogue. Young actresses have worn our looks for their Hollywood red carpet events and our brand is a favorite among celebrities including Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum. A Biscotti dress graced television sets all over the world when Malia Obama chose to wear our red taffeta dress on her father’s election night.

Biscotti and Kate Mack styles can be found in luxury department stores including Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Barney’s and Bloomingdale’s, as well as more than 1000 exclusive specialty boutiques across the United States and Canada. The brand has had tremendous international success, establishing a strong customer base in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Japan and the Middle East.


Add was born in 1999
Add is Innovative, with an Hi-Tech heart
The collection features weightless coats and down jackets and its distinctiveness is lightness and tailor made finishing.
Add experiments new shapes transferring technological performance and lightness in aesthetic perfection.
ADD collaborates with international designers.
Their personal and innovative interpretation of the down
jacket creates a meeting point between the sportswear
and fashion world.


Much more than a simple down jacket.

Ai Storm is synonymous with planning adventurous itineraries. Finding travel companions. Accepting a challenge. Sharing a tale. Breaking the ice. Looking through the wind. Choosing a destination. Escaping. With amazing friends. Feeling at ease. Being protected by a futuristic shell. With managing to view the world in its multiple hues. It’s a pirate jacket like certain ships, records and flags. It’s the achieving of an awareness of one’s spatial and temporal dimension. It is love. Friendship. To wear it will herald a season of change. Ai storm is a jacket for the inhabitants of the planet, devised to throw oneself  into exploring the world. It changes  colours, sounds, music, life. It remains intact in the face of all ethical and aesthetic threats.

Created and designed by Giovanni Chicco, an original new project emerges, covered by 3 patents and under license to Comei & Co.


Modern sensuality and non-conformist femininity.

Established in the year 1977, Blufin – a leading name on the world fashion scene - is a company that owns Blumarine and Blugirl brands. Anna Molinari and her husband Gianpaolo Tarabini Castellani embarked the challenge when they decided to establish the Blumarine Company in Carpi, Italy.

Deeply rooted in the Italian tradition of craftsmanship and high quality fashion, the company achieved prominence in the luxury market and due to the excellence of the designs the brand won the favor of major buyers and journalists, key celebrities and scores of customers. Through the years, the group has kept up an impressive growth rate thanks of the success of the Blumarine and Blugirl collections.

Blugirl was introduced in 1995 as a ready-to-wear line for young women. A romantic inspiration with a playful ironic twist. Designed by Anna Molinari, it expresses a feminine ideal at once true to the Blumarine spirit and open to fanciful reinterpretation. Glamour fashion with its very own personality and originality.

The Blugirl line was immediately seen as a younger range able to express the same values as the main line yet in a more playful, irreverent and humorous style. Nothing is taken too seriously and everything is constantly toned down and reinvented. The Blugirl style is expressed in unexpectedly, eccentrically and extrovertly. 

The collection has moved on from offering clothes for the young and very young to being a more complete modern line, dedicated to girls who have since grown into women yet do not want to give up the humour.

Blugirl is positioned in a slightly lower price and market segment than Blumarine. The quality and innovation, crafted manufacture and materials are at the same very high level of all the Blufin group brands..

Who likes Blugirl? A romantic modern young woman who loves expressing her femininity with good taste refinement and discernment.