Top 50 German Fashion Designers List

German Fashion Designers List

Fashion has become an inevitable part of human lives. With a gamut of Fashion Designers gradually coming forth delivering new fashion concepts and trends into the market, it is prominently changing the mindsets of people, replacing the stereotype dressing styles by the new-age fashion statements.

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Talking about the fashion industry, Germany happens to be an eminent leader having its production hubs in Munich, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Known for their modern designs, German Fashion Designers have been an inspiration to all fashion freaks. Berlin being globally designated as the fashion capital of the country, Berlin Fashion Week has gained high international attention for showcasing country’s creative talent in fashion.


Top 50 German Fashion Designers List


Torsten Amft

Kostas Murkudis

Gunda Beeg

Dirk Schonberger

Willy Bogner

Stefan Szczesny

André Borchers

Hugo Boss

Alexandra Fischer-Roehler and Johanna Kühl

Adolf Dassler

Rudolf Dassler

Barbara Engel

Susanne Erichsen

Egon von Fürstenberg

Stephan Schneider

Bobby Kolade

Eva Gronbach

Uli Herzner

Claudia Hill

Mr. John

Wolfgang Joop

Heidi Klum

Caroline Rohner and Inna Stein

Karl Lagerfeld

Christian Lagerwaard

Frank Leder

Sonja de Lennart

Otto Lucas

Tomas Maier

Annelie Augustin

Damir Doma

Friedia Niimura

Heinz Oestergaard

Philipp Plein

Adolf Riedl

Christian Roth

Gregor Clemens

Jil Sander

Anna Ben-Yusuf

Tilmann Wröbel

Leyla Piedayesh

Robert Geller

Barbara Becker

Michael Michalsky

Noah Wunsch

Karlotta Wilde

Mychael Knight

Lutz Huelle

Boris Bidjan Saberi

Rudolph Moshammer

Eric Gaskins


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